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Last updated 29 July, 2014

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Ruston LB 009 Kit

At just 30.5mm long, 13.5mm wide and a 10.5mm wheelbase this model is as close as practical to true scale. The prototype itself is diminutive in size and producing the model involved developing a special chassis to achieve good low speed performance within the available space. Originally a 6mm x 10mm 6v motor was used but that has now been replaced by the much more reliable and powerful 8 x 16mm motor.

The purpose designed drive unit (chassis) has been updated and is now supplied assembled apart from the motor connections and pickups. Drive is through a 4:1 belt drive to a ball race mounted lay shaft driving both axles  via  14:1 worm  and  worm wheel  resulting  in excellent  slow running under pure  DC control. The standard motor is a 8 x 16 and although rated at 10 volt the motor can be run on a 12 volt controller provided full output is not used for sustained periods. Assembly instructions (pdf)

The use of 0.5mm nickel silver for the main body components of this model has resulted in a relatively easy to build kit using epoxy resin or solder. The thickness of material will allow the more experienced modeller to solder using a small gas torch without distortion. Half etched brass overlays are used for the detail and a 0.5 mm brass etch is used to form the operational coupling pockets. Assembly instructions (pdf)
Development History

This model was designed initially for a colleague just to prove it could be done with a clear cab.

This was my first body for the LB it is not etched but milled from 22 thou nickel silver.

The drive unit/chassis was milled from Tufnol, the wheel centres are also of Tufnol. Wheelbase is just 10.5mm. Wheels are 5.5mm dia.

The motor is a 6 x 10 mm motor from Nigel Lawton belt driving a miniature ball race mounted lay shaft.


As my layouts will be 12mm gauge and a prototype was available locally at the Devon Railway Centre I just had to attempt the 3ft gauge version.

Patterns for the extended side frames were milled in wax and moulds produced to cast the extension frames in resin.

While building the second drive unit I tried 6 x 12mm and 8 x 16mm motors both of which protruded well into the cab. The 6 x 10 motor is adequate but the 8 x 16 motor offers more power and better slow running
I have had test etches made for this model with a view to making it available as a kit with a ready to run chassis. Orders for wheels, pulleys and gears have been placed and should be available mid April. The ballast weights/coupling pockets are a bit of a problem. My originals are laminated from milled .5mm brass and worked fine, a stacked etched version requires rather more cleaning up due to the undercut/cusping on this thickness of material.

The drive unit is available separately for scratch builders, a pdf of the chassis dimensions can be downloaded here

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Last updated 29 July, 2014