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Last updated 7 November, 2013
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Ruston 48 DL Kit
This is another ex North Devon Clay narrow gauge locomotive. This version was 3ft gauge, built in 1959 and ran at the works until 1967 when it was acquired by Seaton Tramway where it was re-gauged. The locomotive is currently preserved at the Devon Railway Centre.

This model was designed originally for my own 00n3 layout is now available as a kit with 009 or 00n3 axles.

The model is in .5mm Nickel Silver with brass overlays along the same lines of the popular Ruston LB kit. At 44mm over buffer blocks and 18.5 wide the model is approximately 50% bigger than the LB allowing for a minimal intrusion of the motor into the cab.

As with the LB the purpose designed drive unit (chassis) is supplied partly assembled and apart from the motor connections requires no soldering. Drive is through a 4:1 belt drive to a ball race mounted lay shaft driving both axles  via  14:1 worm  and  worm wheel  resulting  in excellent  slow running under pure  DC control. The standard motor is a 8 x 16 and although rated at 10 volt the motor can be run on a 12 volt controller provided full output is not used for sustained periods. Assembly instructions (pdf)

This is another relatively easy to build kit using epoxy resin or solder. The use of 0.5mm nickel silver for the main body components will allow the more experienced modeller to solder using a small gas torch without distortion. Half etched brass overlays are used for the detail and a 0.5 mm brass etch is used to form the 4 pocket buffer blocks. Assembly instructions (pdf)