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Last updated 5 September, 2012
Stephen Lewin 0-4-0

'Peter' Another North Devon Clay Co. engine, this little 0-4-0 3ft gauge side tank appears as a smaller version of the well known 'Seaham' Lewin. Peter was not required to run over the main line and its wooden viaducts, but the short wheel base making it ideal for transporting clay from the pits to the clay works.

'Peter' is my current NDCC project. This picture is of my second build having replaced a 10 x 12 motor with with the more powerful and slower running 8 x 16 unit. The smaller diameter motor allows both axles to be driven and enabled me to use a drop in drive unit between the side frames.The brass cylinders are now insulated from the chassis side frames making the use of all metal wheels possible.

Slide bar has been reduced to 0.5 x 0.5mm but slide now needs to be reduced and the connecting rod offset removed if possible. The model runs well but the motor being mounted within the boiler makes changing the belt rather difficult.


Have milled new side frames and boiler which should allow the motor to be mounted on the chassis block and the running plate and boiler lifted clear for belt changing. Although some interest has been shown in this model as a kit this has been for a 009 version which unfortunately does not work out too well so she will remain for the present as 00n3 only. I would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in such a kit

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Last updated 5 September, 2012