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Last updated 4 October, 2013
'Dorothea' Alice Class Full Cab Quarry Hunslet
Dorothea is the latest in my Quarry Hunslet series. Hunslet works no. 763 worked at the Dorothea Slate Quarry in North Wales from 1901 until the end of her working life some 40 years later when she was laid up and left to rot in her engine shed. What remained of the engine in 1970 was rescued and kept in storage until purchased by Kay Bowman in 1989. Restoration was deemed impossible by most experts but 24 years later not only is Dorothea is now running as part of the Launceston Steam Railway stock but the restoration was completed by Kay herself.

Included in the kit is a part pre-assembled belt driven drive unit offering excellent slow running capability. The main chassis frame is from etched nickel silver. As with previous models the motion components are milled. The firebox, saddle tank and smoke box are combined in a single whitemetal casting. The cab is of etched brass designed to retain the crisp appearance of the prototype. Milling does offer a better quality motion component at a price but by not attempting to include components to cover the huge variations in the prototype Hunslets I am able to offer a reasonably priced basic kit for adapting to the modellers choice of specific locomotive.With the exception of a few detailing components the kit will produce a complete full cab Alice Class Quarry Hunslet.

Lack of soldering or rivetting skills often deters the novice from attempting the assembly of a model chassis so this model has been designed to be screwed & glued or soldered together.

The test build shown on right was glued and screwed together. The cranks are milled brass and the crank pins 16BA screws with the milled rods running on flanged bushes.

The connecting rods are sandwiched centrally between the milled crosshead die blocks in line with the piston rods and secured with 16BA screws.
Latest assembly instructions are here

What the kit contains

The machined components as supplied

Dorothea Fret

Etched brass superstructure components

The basic castings included

The drive unit is supplied as a part pre-assembled kit Details



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