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Last updated 5 September, 2012
My Drive Units
I have developed 2 types of chassis for 00n3 and 009, Tufnol Monoblock and Bespoke milled nickel silver. Both are cnc milled using standard profiles and components to offer both a 'one off' service and small batch production for my kits

My Drive Units are designed around motors and belt drives from Nigel Lawton. They are all based on a CNC milled Tufnol block which enables me to produce any combination of wheel base very easily. The design arose from wanting to model cabless/cabfree models in 009. The main bearings are brass bushes pressed in to the Tufnol block and these were also originally used for the layshaft. but the pressure exerted by the belt drive produced unacceptable frictional losses for the low power micromotors used.

Employing miniature ball races for the layshaft overcame the problem enabling even the smallest 6mm x 10mm motor to be used effectively. Motor to lay shaft gears were considered but the belt drive offers over twice the ratio in the limited space. With ratios of upto 60:1 the units run very slowly on pure DC without PWM control which is best avoided for coreless motors. It is possible to run the motors on DCC and I have tested a chipped 8mm x 16mm motor on CT Electronic DCX75 decoder.

This type of chassis is used on my Ruston LB Ruston 4DL and Quarry Hunslet kits. They can also be supplied as specials to order as per this replacement for Egger Bahn No1 loco chassis

00n3 and 009 Bespoke Chassis for Scratch Builders

These chassis are made to order based on a series of standard profiles. The main frames, coupling rods, crossheads, slide bars and cylinder mountings are milled from 0.5 mm Nickel Silver, the wheel detail is also milled into solid nickel silver wheels. Rod journals run on flanged bushes attached by 16 BA screws to tapped insulated bushes in the wheels. A belt driven layshaft drives all axles via 14:1 worm and worm wheels. The motor is supplied lose for mounting directly on the frame or within the boiler. The inside frame example shown above is for the Fletcher locomotive 'Dolgoch' and designed to be driven down through the smokebox.

Extended axles and milled brass cranks are used here for this outside framed Peckett 'Triassic' chassis .

This 13mm wheelbase chassis has the motor and drive mounted for driving down through the firebox.