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Last updated 5 September, 2012

Bagnall 0-6-0 566 'Marland' Ex North Devon Clay Company

Marland was purchased new in 1883 and was the company's second locomotive purchased to run on the 3ftt narrow gauge mainline over wooden viaducts between the North Devon Clay Company works at Peters Marland and Torrington. Like Avonside, Marland is distinctive in having a wheelbase noticeably disproportionate to its driving wheel diameter. The unusual safety valve cover was another distinctive feature.

By using Nigel Lawton 8x16 motor and belt drive down through the smoke box I have been able to maintain daylight under the boiler and a clear cab on the model. The body panels were milled from 10 thou brass and the rivet detail CNC punched. The wheels I machined and milled out the detail. To insulate the coupling rods I drilled and pressed in 1mm Delrin bushes. The wheels are actually a little over scale to allow for a crank throw conducive to reliable and smooth running properties.

It is not my intention to make this available as a kit, I can however supply the milled chassis and body components as an aid to interested scratch builders.




Last updated 5 September, 2012