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3D Printing 4mm Models on Home
Fused Filament Printers

A look what can and cannot be done


The notes and jottings recorded here are the result of my experiments with 3D printing on 'RepRap' type Fused Filament Printers I use as an aid to developing my kits and chassis. They are intended to neither enthuse or dissuade but rather enlighten the reader to the possible application of home 3D printers to our hobby.

Brian Madge 2013

Solution Graphics
Last updated 3 June, 2014
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Testing the theory Page 4

Fig.9 The cylinders.

This probably the trickiest piece to print because of the positioning of the 4 holes for the slides and piston rods. The cylinders will be attached to the chassis block enabling the mechanism to be removed from the body as one assembly.

Fig. 10 The boiler.

Fused filament printers are very good at printing round objects vertically. These boilers were printed using a spiral technique whereby the nozzle was raised continuously rather than incrementally.

Fig. 11 Smokebox and firebox

The same technique was used for these pieces. Note that an object does not have to be round, just hollow to use the spiral method.


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Last updated 3 June, 2014